As the District prepares for the 2023-24 school year and beyond, Superintendent Dr. Mike Slagle is restructuring responsibilities in the District’s leadership team.

Effective in July, there will be adjustments in the academic services part of the organization to result in the more efficient separation of current duties and long-term planning. The moves are designed to align with the Strategic Plan priorities and improve the District’s work toward its mission of preparing each student for a successful and meaningful life.

Dr. Slagle notes that the realignment will not increase the number of District administrators and is made possible by the recent decision not to fill the VIPR principal position, which becomes vacant this summer. Stacy Johnson, the current VIPR principal, will become the new principal at South Middle School, beginning in July. She will continue oversight of the VIPR program, which has much smaller enrollment numbers as students have returned to in-person instruction.

The District will change from three assistant superintendents to two. A Chief of Staff position will be created and will be dedicated to District-wide initiatives, including strategic planning, community partnerships, development of new academic and leadership programs, legislative affairs, and state/federal accountability. 

Dr. Al Voelker, currently serving as Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services, will move into the role of Chief of Staff. The other two assistant superintendents will continue to be responsible for the areas of human resources and operations.

Serving alongside the assistant superintendents will be the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Academic Officer. The Chief Academic Officer will direct the daily duties of the Academic Services Department. 

“As we continue to grow and expand our student academic programs, we need a leadership structure to more efficiently and effectively accomplish our strategic planning goals without additional burden falling at the school level,” Mike Slagle said “This leadership structure will meet those objectives.”