PreK Program

Shull Early Learning Center

Who should register:

  • Children who will be 4 years old BEFORE Aug. 1, 2023, and reside in the Ray-Pec School District.

  • Online RSVP for Pre-Kindergarten opens Friday, March 3, on the Ray-Pec website or at this link.

  • Virtual Informational Presentation includes program information and tuition rates. 

  • After you complete the online RSVP you will be contacted by Shull staff to schedule a screening appointment.  PreK Screenings will be scheduled by appointment only for Monday, April 10.  We encourage your child to wear tennis shoes to the screening. Please bring your ID as you will check in at the office for your screening appointment.


Items to bring to your screening appointment:

  • Child's State-Certified Birth Certificate

    • Child's State Certified Birth Certificate is preferred. Original certified hospital record or a copy of original showing hospital seal are also common formats. Missouri Birth Certificates may be obtained from the Cass County Health Department, 300 S. Main, Harrisonville, MO 64701 (816)-380-8425).

  • Child's Current Immunization Record

    • DTaP/DTP: 4 doses required with the last one received at age 4 or after

    • Hepatitis B: Minimum of 3 doses required

    • Measles/mumps/rubella (MMR): 1 dose on or after 1st birthday

    • Polio: 3 doses with last dose on or after 4th birthday or if combination IPV/OPv is received

    • Varvx/Varicella (Chickenpox): Minimum of 1 dose required or proof of disease (students must have doctor of health department documentation proof showing the month and year of chickenpox disease)

    • Hib: 1 booster dose after 1st birthday

    • Pneumococcal: 1 booster dose after 1st birthday

    • A list of any medical conditions and medications would be helpful

  • Proof of Residency

    • Current, gas, water, or electric bill. Additional documentation may be required in special circumstances.

Shull Contact Information

Cindie Galbraith