August- Finalize College Choice

  •  During student registration days parents sign an Academic Release Form. This If you are unsure of your A+ status, check with the A+ Coordinator to confirm your A+ program requirements.

  • Make a plan to take the appropriate test (ACT/SAT/ASVAB/etc..) for your college and career plans. If you are unsure which test is appropriate for you, please visit with your counselor.

  • The deadline to register for the September ACT is early August. Keep in mind that October is typically the last date to sit for the ACT or SAT and apply for early admission decisions. Colleges such as KU have a scholarship application deadline of November 1 and MU has a scholarship deadline of December 15.

  • Review your college search plans and start narrowing down your college/tech school list to 3-5 options. Plan to apply to 3-5 schools in early September so that you have time to research all of your financial aid options once you have been accepted. Applications generally are open or “live” after August 1st. Most colleges require online applications.

  • Start making your own personal admission plan. Will you apply to each college individually or utilize an application tool such as “Common Application” or “Universal College Application”, etc…

  • College-bound athletes need to register for NCAA/NAIA Clearinghouse. Visit

  • If planning to graduate a semester early, you should have already discussed this with your counselor prior to the start of your senior year. Be aware of deadlines.

September-Apply to Colleges

  • If taking dual credit college classes, confirm with your teacher about the process and paperwork needed to earn college credit for the classes. Double check the “equivalency calculator” with the colleges you plan to attend to see if and how they accept your dual options or AP Credit Policy.

  • Research technical schools, unions, military branches, colleges, and universities that are of interest to you.

  • Attend meetings with college admissions representatives who come to RPHS. Check the College Rep tab for colleges that will be visiting RP. Sign up online or visit the Senior Office to get a pass for these college visits.

  • Schedule and attend technical school or college visits, especially on days RPHS is not in session. If scheduling visits during regular school hours, please come to the Senior Office to obtain the College Visit paperwork or visit the ‘Forms’ link on the webpage. Seniors with a GPA above a 2.5 will receive “excused” absences for 2 college visits; all other visits will be verified.

 College applications:

  • Apply to 3-5 colleges/schools of interest to you- Some schools have deadlines as early as November 1.

  • Familiarize yourself with “Rolling Admissions” and “Regular Decision” terminology.

  • Decide if “Early Decision,” “Early Action,” or “Single Choice Early Action” is an option you might pursue.

  • Decide whether or not the COMMON APPLICATION is an appropriate application

October – Improve Test Scores If Needed

  • Make sure you created your Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID. Parents must do the same.

  • Submit your FAFSA as soon as you can whether you think you qualify for aid or not. This is important for scholarship and financial aid programs, and many awards are on a “first come first serve basis.” The FAFSA is one of the requirements for the A+ program. The Missouri deadline for the FAFSA is: Feb 1st. GO TO FAFSA Homepage to submit. 

  • Keep copies of all FAFSA information for your file.

  • November 1 is a major college application deadline for some colleges and ___ If you are a student-athlete, attend the NCAA/NAIA parent and student workshops provided at RPHS.

  • Continue to visit college campuses and or recruiters.

  • Narrow down your list of the colleges/schools you are interested in attending. Finalize and submit your college applications.

  • If planning to attend MCC, attend the MCC Mobile Enrollment meeting during school in October. This will be one of three meetings:

  • Fall-Mobile Application: MCC-Longview will be at RP to facilitate the MCC application

  • Winter-Mobile Testing–Students will take the AccuPlacer placement test at RPHS. Students must be accepted to MCC prior to testing.

  • Spring-Mobile Enrollment– Students will meet with MCC advisors to select summer/fall classes. Students must be accepted and have either an AccuPlacer or an ACT score on record to participate.  This may be a field trip to the Longview campus.

  • Attend the FAFSA FRENZY. Staff members and experts will help you file your FAFSA. November-Application Deadlines

  • November 1 is a major college application deadline for some colleges and universities.

  • If graduating early, meet with your counselor to finalize your plans and requirements.

  • Register for the December ACT/SAT.

  • If high school alumni come home during the holidays, visit with them about their college experiences.

 December-Application Deadlines

  • December 1st & 15th is another major college application deadline—make sure you know your deadlines.

 January – February- File FAFSA  Information

  • Continue to apply for scholarships listed on the RP Seniors page under the Scholarships tab and in your Naviance account.

  • Don’t let ‘senioritis’ interfere with your post-secondary goals! Stay strong and work hard throughout the second semester.

March - April-Apply for Scholarships

  • In order to be eligible for state financial assistance, your FAFSA should be filed by Feb. 1!!

  • Keep applying for scholarships and other financial aid resources.

  • Watch for important deadlines at your chosen college such as housing, financial aid, etc. These deadlines make or break the ease of your transition into college and the workforce.

  • If you submitted your FAFSA early, you should receive information about how to access your Student Aid Report (SAR) via email within 5-7 days or receive a paper version of your SAR within 3-4 weeks. Go to the FAFSA homepage or call FAFSA at 1-800-433-3243 for more details.

  • Contact each college financial aid office to make certain that your application is complete. Find out what else you need to do to establish and maintain your eligibility for financial aid.

  • Watch the mail or your email account for college acceptance and financial aid award notifications. Compare the financial aid awards you receive.

  • Check with the college/university you have chosen to attend about the details of accepting or declining your financial aid.

  • In April - if planning to attend MCC-Longview, plan to meet with MCC advisors to plan out your college schedule for summer and fall. This will be meeting number three, in the MCC Mobile Enrollment process. Visit the Counseling Center for dates and details.

  • Make your final college decision and send in your deposit by the deadline (if required).

 May-Apply for Scholarships

  • May 1 is typically when you submit your enrollment deposit and confirm housing plans. Know your deadlines.

  • Complete the Senior Exit Survey at the end of the year. Include where you want your final transcript to be sent as well, what scholarships you have received as well as what your post-high school plans are.

  • Continue planning for college orientation events, enrollment activities, and housing.