Thank you RP Boosters

This fall, the Ray-Pec Athletic Booster Club paid nearly $20,000 in requests from Ray-Pec High School coaches and sponsors. More disbursements are planned.

The Athletic Booster Club is an organization of volunteers who raise money to help pay for expenses beyond the regular district budget. Booster Club volunteers worked in the concession stands at more than 60 sporting events this fall. The proceeds from the concession stands provided funds for the club.

Last April, the Booster Club Board approved a preliminary list of requests totaling more than $66,000. Close to one-third of the requests have been funded to date.

Booster Club payments
Here are some recent payments by the Booster Club:

  • Cross Country (boys and girls), $2,750 for jersey replacement and GPS watches
  • Football, $2,850 for a drone
  • Golf (boys and girls), $2,500 for golf balls and jackets
  • Softball, $4,000
  • Girls Tennis, $2,500 for warmups
  • Track (boys and girls), $3,400 for jersey replacement, timer, and clocks
  • Training Room, $2,500 for supplies
  • Volleyball, $4,000

Additional requests that the Booster Club plans to fund this school year:

  • Baseball, $4,000
  • Girls basketball, $2,500 for sweat suits
  • Boys basketball, $4,960 for basketballs and travel bags
  • Cheer, $4,000 for jackets/coats
  • Prowlers dance team, $3,600 for costume replacement
  • Boys Tennis, $4,500 for jackets
  • Boys Soccer, $4,599 for one soccer goal
  • Girls Soccer, $4,599 for one soccer goal
  • Boys wrestling, $4,000 toward a new mat
  • Girls wrestling, $4,000 toward a new mat

A $1,000 disbursement is pending for Special Olympics. In addition, the Club's Board plans to approve some funding for swim (boys and girls).

How to join the Booster Club
You can help support the work of the Athletic Booster Club. Individual memberships range from $15 to $250. Corporate memberships are also available. Join the Booster Club