Aerial photo of student parking lot

The purchase of RPHS parking permits opened at 7 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 10. The purchase of parking permits will not be part of the online registration process.

A reminder about the purchase of parking permits will be included in the Back to School Newsletter sent to all RPHS students, parents, and guardians in late July. A reminder email will also be sent on Monday, Aug. 8, with a link for the purchase of parking permits. The link is now live.

Please designate only one member per household to purchase a parking permit. Should multiple permits/spots be purchased, the first purchase will be the spot that is assigned. Other purchases will be refunded. Students will not be allowed to choose which spots are refunded.

Students must have a valid driver's license at the time of purchase. Students cannot purchase a spot in advance of getting their driver's license with the intent of holding onto the spot until they obtain their license later in the school year. Students who obtain their license during the school year will be able to purchase a parking permit at that time.

Please only purchase a spot in the correct designated grade level area. Should a spot be purchased in the incorrect area, the spot will have to be returned. At that time, the student will have to obtain a new spot in the correct area from any remaining  available spots.