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Ray-Pec After School Prep Class

The ACT Prep Course combines test strategy, content review, and guided practice for students to prepare both independently and through in-person sessions.  (See information below)

Power Prep ACT One Day Prep Class

RPHS is hosting the ACT prep organization called Power Prep

Free ACT Resources

  • Varsity Tutors-ACT - Practice and learn necessary skills for ACT tests.

  • Practice ACT, SAT & AP Tests

  • Learning Express Library - Access practice ACT, SAT, AP and other college preparatory tests.  Create an account using your RP login username and password.  

  • ACT Test Prep 

  • MARCH 2 SUCCESS - Free test-taking resource available for students   The U.S. Army Recruiting Command is helping prospective recruits and other students improve their test-taking strategies and math, science and English skills through March2Success, a free Web-based program. Registrants may request recruiter contact through the site; however, they are not required to do so and will not be contacted without request.

ACT Prep Classes 2023-2024

Important Dates for 2023-2024 ACT Prep Class

Students (not just their parents) must notify AND that they will participate in the course AT LEAST one week before the first session to ensure materials will be available. You enroll using the Google Form that will be sent out by Mrs. Mikkelsen and pay $40 to RPHS for the course.

Students must be present for the classes and complete assignments throughout their session. It is their responsibility to make arrangements with work and coaches ahead of time to ensure they can attend and complete the work.

Be on time and please enter through the doors near the 10th and 11th office. Classes will be held in Room 212, including the Saturday Morning tests.

December 9 Test Date  ACT Signup Deadline: November 3

Tue, Nov 28: 3-5 pm 

Wed, Nov 29: 3-5 pm 

Thur, Nov 30: 3-5 pm 

SATURDAY Dec 2: 8 am - noon (test starts at 8am)

Mon, Dec 4: 3-5 pm

Tue, Dec 5: 3-5 pm 

Wed, Dec 6: 3-5 pm

Thur, Dec 7: 3-5 pm

February 10 Test Date  ACT Signup Deadline: January 5

Mon, Jan 22: 3-5 pm

Tue, Jan 23: 3-5 pm 

Wed, Jan 24: 3-5 pm

Thur, Jan 25: 3-5 pm

SATURDAY Jan 27: 8 am - noon (test starts at 8am)

Tue, Jan 30: 3-5 pm

Wed, Jan 31: 3-5 pm

Thur, Feb 1: 3-5 pm

April 13 Test Date ACT Signup Deadline: March 8

Tuesday, April 18 Sign Up done during 11th grade Advisory

Class Sessions: Due to the timing of Spring Break and the Junior Testing Day provided by the district, these sessions will be scheduled to accommodate the junior class and district sponsored testing opportunity.

(Might need to adjust dates depending on Junior test day date)

Tue, Mar 12: 3-5 pm 

Wed, Mar 13: 3-5 pm 

Thur, Mar 14: 3-5 pm 

SATURDAY Mar 16 8 am - noon (test starts at 8am) 

Mon, Apr 18: 3-5 pm

Tue, Apr 19: 3-5 pm 

Wed, Apr 20: 3-5 pm 

Thur, Apr 21: 3-5 pm 

June 8, 2023 ACT Deadline: May 3

Class Sessions: TBD based on interest

Mid 50 ACT for Missouri Colleges and Universities

Much of the ACT data show ACT scores for the 25th and 75th percentile of students. But what exactly do these numbers mean? Consider a college profile that presents the following ACT scores for the 25th and 75th percentiles:

  • ACT Composite: 21 / 26

  • ACT English: 20 / 26

  • ACT Math: 21 / 27

The lower number is for the 25th percentile of students who enrolled in (not just applied to) the college. For the school above, 25% of enrolled students received a math score of 21 or lower. The upper number is for the 75th percentile of students who enrolled in the college. For the above example, 75% of enrolled students got a math score of 27 or lower (looked at another way, 25% of students got above a 27).

For the school above, if you have an ACT math score of 28, you would be in the top 25% of applicants for that one measure. If you have a math score of 19, you are in the bottom 25% of applicants for that measure.

Understanding these numbers is important when you plan how many colleges to apply to, and when you figure out which schools are a reach, a match, or a safety. If your scores are below the 25th percentile numbers, you should consider the school a reach. Note that this does not mean you won't get in -- remember that 25% of students who enroll have a score that is at or below that lower number.

Links to Missouri and Kansas ACT Mid 50% Information

Missouri Colleges and Universities

College of the Ozarks                          
Maryville University                            
Missouri-Science and Technology    
Rockhurst University                          
Saint Louis University                         
Stephens College                                 
Truman State University                    
University of Missouri                        
Washington University                       
Webster University                             
Westminster College                          
William Jewell College                        

Kansas Colleges and Universities

Baker University                                  
Benedictine College                            
Bethany College                                   
Bethel College                                      
Emporia State University                   
Fort Hays State University                 
Friends University                               
Haskell Indian Nations University  
Kansas State University              
Kansas Wesleyan University              
McPherson College                             
MidAmerica Nazarene University   
Newman University                            
Ottawa University                          
Pittsburg State University                  
Southwestern College                       
Sterling College                                    
Tabor College                                       
University of Kansas                            
University of Saint Mary                     
Washburn University                          
Wichita State University