Teacher Academy

Carma Richey

Carma Richey, Teacher Academy

The Teacher Academy at the LEAD center is a program to engage students in careers involving education. Teacher Academy students will learn valuable skills that will help them not just in the classroom but out in their everyday lives. Skills like time management, leadership, how to engage an audience, lesson planning, classroom management, building relationships, collaboration, inclusivity, and so much more from their experience in the program

“Right now we have students placed at elementary and middle schools. Next year with the freshmen center open we’ll be able to place students there as well so students who are interested in high school can get experience there.”


   Carma Richey, Teacher Academy Teacher

Students in the Teacher Academy program spend Mondays and Fridays learning college-level curriculum to learn all the important inner workings of becoming an educator. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays the students are in their placed classrooms working with teachers and students at the middle and elementary schools. During their time there they are acting as a co-teacher in the classroom and another resource students can use.

After completing the program students can come back to the district when they have their teaching license. If they receive a letter of recommendation from Mrs. Richey they get to skip the first part of the interview process to assist former Ray-Pec students to become Ray-Pec educators.

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Students at work
Dr. Slagle visits the Teacher Academy

Superintendent Dr. Mike Slagle visited the Teacher Academy on Aug. 25, 2022

Superintendent Dr. Mike Slagle visits the Teacher Academy

Dr. Mike Slagle talks with students in the Teacher Academy.

Students interested in careers in education now have a place to learn more about becoming a teacher. One of the first guest speakers was Superintendent Dr. Mike Slagle.

A selfie of Dr. Mike Slagle and the students in the Teacher Academy

Dr. Mike Slagle and the students in the Teacher Academy on Aug. 25, 2022.